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Once upon a time there were two sets of parents. These two sets of parents were those who came attached to our beloved main characters for the series we all know and love, but these parents had names! Personalities!

They were Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha, Kushina Uzumaki, and Minato Namikaze.

Now, the thing with these parents is that they had a life before being parents. They wanted to experiment, and indulge. Yes, they ended up married to their respective partners, but that doesn't mean that there might not have been eyes directed elsewhere... or even naughty arrangements between the four of them.

Three out of four of these were far easier to convince. Minato and Kushina had, after all, been the ones to extend the first invitation... to Mikoto. Because she clearly needed a bit more fun in her sex life than she was getting and Fugaku was being a fuddy duddy. And while not the phrasing she might have chosen... she couldn't actually disagree, now could she?

Thus began the voyage of convincing Fugaku that this was an excellent idea, because she didn't really want to lie to him and she definitely didn't want to decline... because all three of these people were ones she cared about very strongly in different ways, of course.

Not even getting into the fact that she liked to be adventurous, okay? Okay.

Eventually, however, Fugaku was convinced, though if he would participate or not remained to be seen.

(OOC: OKAY, SO. Anyone who comes to play with this is more than welcome to tackle this story bit any which way. If you wanna be Fugaku being convinced, go for it, Minato walling Mikoto, yes, definitely. Mikoto giving Kushina a spanking? Well, someone had to. Or, if Minato figures that the ladies aren't getting the message across, boy time, well even that is more than welcome. Be kinky, be ninja, but most of all, have fun. I offer my Mikoto to this chaos, and if another Mikoto wanders in on this... well, you are more than welcome to hit her up. Creative Kage bunshin use has never been more fun.

I tend to play my Mikoto as having been Minato's teammate, as a side note, and Fugaku as having been pushed to propose with her being aware of that. I'll be doing that here to further the plot, in so much as there is one, and as said, Have Fun!)


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